Job Club Session
Our Job Club and Benefit Advice session is on Tuesdays from 10am to 1pm. Here we help jobseekers gain the necessary skills and confidence to seek and gain employment.
Thursdays, 10am-2.30pm—Weekly Sewing Classes- providing space for community members to learn the art of sewing, this class has become very popular and in very high demand in Lozells. Come and learn how to sew from scratch.
Tusedays, from 10am till 12pm, we invite people in Lozells to join us for our weekly tea and toast session. It is place where we provide a hot cuppa, toast and, a place to chill for the less able and members of the our community. For those who are able, we request a donation to enable us to keep this essential service running.
Christian Worship:— 10.03am-11.45am—Lozells Methodist Church–Chapel 10.30am-2.00pm—Glorious Peoples Chapel –Hall 2.30pm-5.30pm—Mission of Faith– Hall 1.30pm—4.30pm—Household of Faith—Chapel
Friday 7pm - 9pm This is an established Drumming Group. New participants welcome. Come, learn, and enjoy the rythms of different drums from all around the continent of Africa.
Thursdays 12.00noon—2.00 pm Soup Kitchen – Enjoy a bowl of delicious hot soup—made by our volunteers. […]
Wednesdays 11.00—3.00pm Dorcas Ladies - Craft & Conversation. With various talents and skills, they produce a very wide range things. Cushions, knitware, sewing, cross-stitch. A friendly group for anyone who would like to come in and chat.
12noon-2.00pm  Women’s Inspire Group – Meet   new people  & make new friends
9.30am-12.noon Women’s Coffee Morning
Monday: 1.00pm- 3.00pm  (Stay & Play Toddler Group) Tuesday: 1.00pm- 3.00pm (Stay and Play ToddlerGroup)  Parents […]
We are all Jewels.  What are your hidden talents?  Ask about one of our groups below […]