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  1. Volunteering/Career Development Opportunities

    Opportunities in support work, advice work, managerial roles, and the development of community cohesion – all available at our Job Club/Benefit Advice sessions at the Lozells Methodist Community Centre. LMCC is a multi-cultural centre which is used and trusted by all sections of the local community. This religious and ethnic diversity is reflected in our […]

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    Volunteering/Career Development Opportunities
  2. A Fellowship Party for our Holy Habits

    In continuation of our “Holy Habits” programme, we are organizing a party to celebrate “Fellowship” (see flyer). There will be a lively atmosphere where we can talk about fellowship, chat, and eat. Please come along with food & drinks and join us.

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    A Fellowship Party for our Holy Habits
  3. Our New Mural

    On Saturday, the 29th of October, a new mural was unveiled at the Lozells Methodist Community Centre. This was the highlight of a four week long series of workshops, where our young people participated and gained knowledge about Birmingham’s South Asian musical heritage (see our last post)…

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    Our New Mural
  4. City of Colours Mural & Musical Event

    In the last couple of weeks, we’ve been are working with City of Colours and Aspire & Succeed to deliver a series of workshops, learning creative skills in art, media, and Birmingham iconic music roots. We will be finishing off these workshops by the 24th of October. This will culminate in the design and production […]

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    City of Colours Mural & Musical Event
  5. Volunteering at Lozells Methodist Community Centre

    Here at our centre, we very much welcome and recognise the immense support offered to us by our volunteers, people on placements, and international exchange students. They actively help in so many areas and activities in our building so much that, we couldn’t exist without them. For example, we have volunteers helping, during our ‘soup […]

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    Volunteering at Lozells Methodist Community Centre
  6. McMillan Coffee Morning 2016

    On Tuesday, the 4th of October 2016, we held yet another ‘McMillan Coffee Morning’. We raised £227 to support more research and support to fight cancer. We are very grateful for the help by Carol, who did all the organising, and also to Sandra & Leona. All the ladies who donated lots of cakes and […]

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    McMillan Coffee Morning 2016
  7. Lozells Community Awards 2016

    The Lozells Community Awards were first held about 7 years ago and have proved to be a huge success over time. The nomination process is done by residents who identify Lozells’ unkown and unsung heroes. This is then collated and the final winners are picked by a special panel of judges. So, on the evening […]

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    Lozells Community Awards 2016
  8. Cake Decorating Class – Jewels Project

    Our cake decorating class is still going strong, we have been having people of all ages who have been learning how to do cake decoration. Our instructor has been teaching the participants various skills to enable them to decorate cakes using various techniques and mediums. We are looking forward to get more participants.

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    Cake Decorating Class – Jewels Project
  9. Providing Space for Refugees to Meet

    Yesterday, we were visited by a handful of the Birmingham Syrian refugee Community & Rev. David Butterworth, who is a chaplain and our Mission in the Economy Officer of the The Birmingham District & The Methodist Church in Britain. We have provided a suitable space for them to, meet on a weekly basis to ‘meet & greet’ […]

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    Providing Space for Refugees to Meet
  10. Job Club

    Our Job Club and Benefit Advice session is on Tuesdays from 10am to 1pm. Here we help jobseekers gain the necessary skills and confidence to seek and gain employment.

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    Job Club
  11. Sewing Classes

    Thursdays, 10am-2.30pm—Weekly Sewing Classes- providing space for community members to learn the art of sewing, this class has become very popular and in very high demand in Lozells. Come and learn how to sew from scratch.

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    Sewing Classes
  12. Tea & Toast

    Tusedays, from 10am till 12pm, we invite people in Lozells to join us for our weekly tea and toast session. It is place where we provide a hot cuppa, toast and, a place to chill for the less able and members of the our community. For those who are able, we request a donation to enable us to keep this essential service running.

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    Tea & Toast
  13. Christian Worship

    Christian Worship:— 10.03am-11.45am—Lozells Methodist Church–Chapel 10.30am-2.00pm—Glorious Peoples Chapel –Hall 2.30pm-5.30pm—Mission of Faith– Hall 1.30pm—4.30pm—Household of Faith—Chapel

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    Christian Worship
  14. African Drumming

    Friday 7pm – 9pm This is an established Drumming Group. New participants welcome. Come, learn, and enjoy the rythms of different drums from all around the continent of Africa.

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    African Drumming
  15. Soup Kitchen and Breakfast Club

    Thursdays 12.00noon—2.00 pm Soup Kitchen – Enjoy a bowl of delicious hot soup—made by our volunteers. Tuesdays 10am – 12noon.  Breakfast Club – Tea and Toast.  Come and have a snack.

    Soup Kitchen and Breakfast Club
  16. Dorcas Ladies – Craft & Conversation

    Wednesdays 11.00—3.00pm Dorcas Ladies – Craft & Conversation. With various talents and skills, they produce a very wide range things. Cushions, knitware, sewing, cross-stitch. A friendly group for anyone who would like to come in and chat.

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    Dorcas Ladies – Craft & Conversation