Lozells, Methodists And Community Service

Our 5th community arts & crafts exhibition has just concluded and we are happy to report that it has been a huge success! Feedback report shows that we had a record number of student visits (about 180 of them) and lots of new and old artists in our community. There was a general consensus that the event has been and still is contributing to community cohesion, arts & talent promotion, a place for people to share commonalities, to understand their differences, and to build bridges.

Aside from the varied talent that was showcased at the exhibition, we found the interest that exhibition created was very high as well. Very notable amongst the positive comments and views was the blog post by our resident blogger John O’meara whose the administrator of ‘Inside Handsworth’,  a blog about news, events, stories or observations in and around Handsworth. Please read his impression and powerful story of how our exhibition is helping people in the Lozells community which is titled, Creativity is A Cure

We want to say a big thank you to our sponsors, visitors, our church, and the Lozells community for all their help and support, and we hope that with your continued support, we will continue to make the Lozells Annual Arts And Crafts Exhibition bigger and better next year.



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